those dramatic bitches

houston, 21 july 2013


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GQ: Can you recommend a good book?
Niall: One Direction: Dare to Dream.
Louis: James Corden's new autobiography [May I Have Your Attention Please?].
Liam: Russell Brand's My Booky Wook.
Zayn: This is going to make me sound like a geek, but I read a book called On A Wing and A Prayer. I think it was about World War I.
Niall: Michael Buble's Onstage, Offstage.
Liam: The script of An Inspector Calls. That's the only one I've ever read.
Harry: You've only ever read one book in your life?
Liam: Yes.
Niall: Me too. It was called: How To Kill A Mocking Bird.
Liam: Wasn't it just called To Kill A Mocking Bird?
Harry: It's confusing because you're 200 pages in and the bird still hasn't died.